A Home Restaurant?

Cooking at home is not a spontaneous affair the way the TV cooking channels make it appear. All your ingredients don’t magically appear all chopped and ready to go in your home. Figuring out what to make is even harder, and shopping harder still. Instead of trying to mirror TV chefs, look at what your favorite restaurant does day in and day out. No matter if it’s a Waffle House or a five-star bistro, a tremendous amount of planning is involved. Vendors provide the chef the latest and best ingredients, the chef determines the menu, the office manager handles the purchasing of ingredients, someone coordinates calendars on what is cooked when, etc. A home restaurant is no different. While a restaurant yearns to put out a quality product for profit measured in money, a home restaurant’s currency of success is time.

Many say cooking is a lost art when the reality of the situation is that we’ve become lazy. The moment cheaper and faster alternatives are available to fill our stomachs, traditional home cooking seems laborious and a waste of time. Unfortunately the glut of processed foods and the prevalence of GMO products have adversely impacted our health. Labels are deceiving or unclear, and foods that we think are healthy (as marketed to us in flashy packaging) may be quite the opposite.  Knowing exactly what is in the foods we eat is the only way to be as healthy as possible.

The goal of this web site is to help your family take just one step in the direction of home cooked foods using the concept of a “home restaurant”. The tips outlined throughout aren’t definitive solutions because each household is different. What we hope is that just one additional meal during a week is replaced with something made at home with the best ingredients. You will be surprised what will come out of your home restaurant if you take that first step.